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September 05, 2021

Evening Formals are notorious for boring and repetitive designs but thanks to innovation in fashion industry we have so many options to choose from these days. In fact the line between formal and party wear and casual is very thin now. so here are my top 3 evening formal dress picks which u can wear to your office wear and after work you can hit a near by bar or even a fancy club looking not too formal. And yes there is a thing called too formal. so lets get this started

#1. Charcoal Black body con dress

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#2. Black pencil skirt paired with a shirt
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#3. Black body con dress

Imgsrc: subject to copyrights.

#PRO TIP1: To be unique and stand out of the crowd add some shiny minimalistic accessories. Like rose gold watch. Refer above

#PRO TIP2: A sleek pony tail looks perfect with evening formals



# Tip of the day:
Pride is gonna be death of you or me or anyone

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